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This page supplies helpful laminating hints, as well as answers to questions you may have. If you have a laminating tip which you would like to share, please mail us

If you would like some help or advice about a basic laminating problem, please use our product support form.

Available Tips:

Tip 1 Roller flat spots, how to avoid them, how to fix them.

Tip 2 Proper use of core adaptors

Tip 3 Proper location of a thermal laminator

Tip 4 Care of laminated items

Tip 5 Leaving your thermal laminator on standby

Tip 6 Important servicing tip.

Tip 7 Protecting your rollers

Tip 8 Further care of laminated items

Tip 9 Proper lifting techniques to use if lifting the machine.

Tip 10 Preventing finger marks when laminating.

Tip 11 Preventing film from winding around rear rollers.


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