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Laminators & Machinery: Applikator 4R Plus
The Applikator 4R Plus is a pressure sensitive laminator, which can be used to quickly and easily apply a wide range of pressure sensitive materials, including pre-mask or transfer tape, sand blasting or etching resisting vinyl.

Taped decals or vinyl signage can be applied to signs which have already been laminated or already on a substrate (up to 13mm thick, on soft substrates).

Four x 51mm (2") solid steel rollers, coated in EPDM rubber, ground and polished for a very high quality finish.
Opening roller system, up to 13 mm (.5") allows board mounting and lamination of soft substrates up to 13mm thick.
Upper and lower release paper rewind mandrels for total encapsulation of media.
A highly durable steel frame mobile stand comes as standard.

Safety Features:
An emergency stop button coupled with an on/off switch are fitted as standard.
A covered footswitch enables the operator to have both hands free for operation of the machine, and prevents accidental operation.
An optional roller guard is available on request.

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