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Laminating Machinery and Supplies Worldwide

Laminators & Machinery
Thermal lamination is the most well known form of lamination, using a thermally activated film to coat both sides of an item. This process is reliable and cost effective. Emseal produces a range of high quality thermal laminators.
Laminators & Machinery:  
Compact Low cost, easy to use laminator best suited to small volume work.
Centaur Patented hot roller technology provides perfect, reliable lamination.  
Emseal Thermal Laminator Well suited for small to large runs.
Pressure Sensitive:  
Applikator 2R A two roller pressure sensitive laminator
Applikator 4R Plus With opening rollers for board mounting  
Clearcoat Single Sided A3+ laminator  
Makrolam 2R 1650 A heavy duty two roller laminator
Multi Purpose laminator:
Triseal A medium duty multi purpose laminator